Eclipse Plugins

This page describes the activities to develop Eclipse Plugins for the different document formats supported in DOCTIP. Planned are: CASL (.casl)/HasCasl? (.het) specifications, Heterogenous proof scripts (.hpf) Isabelle files (.thy), Annotated MISRA-C files from SAMS, stex Documents with special emphasis on those kinds as used for documentation in the V-Modell. To get into plugin development for Eclipse we currently experiment with plugins for GrGen (the Graphmodel files (.gm) and the Graph Rewrite rules files (.grg/.gri)).

We have a taskforce for these plugins which is composed of

  1. Maxim Bendiks: GrGen Graph Rewrite Rules file plugin
  2. Adrian Cirstea: GrGen Graphmodel file plugin
  3. Constantin Jucovschi: stex plugin
  4. Sönke Holsten: OMDoc sdiff support for subversion

The source code repository is here

Here are some links suggesting how to accomplish certain tasks in xText:

  1. Getting the location of a certain AST Object
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