Task CS[3]: Connecting SHIP to BAALL and AAL-Simulation tools

This task aims at the software platform that interacts directly with the BAALL on the level of sensors, devices, appliances and other tools. It defines the target code level, to which the SHI P processes and data must be refined to in order to be executed in the BAALL. One possible choice for this programming environment is the Haskell language, since it will be particularly suitable for symbolic evaluation of processes. Setting up the platform consists of providing code wrappers for the BAALL devices to make them available as basic processes, connecting to instrumented environments tools such as YAMAMOTO to obtain a geometric modelling of the BAALL, and defining the relationship between such data and the abstract representations of the data in the formal logic representations. Furthermore, we need a central component that schedules and monitors the execution status of dynamically changing collections of processes and propagates the process statuses upwards into the formal logical representations. These formal logical representations at the lowest level are the basis for monitoring the process status at higher levels of abstraction by using the simulation tool from task VC(3), and enable run time verification.

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