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The GMoC Tool is a software tool implementing a framework that embraces existing document kinds, allows for the declarative specification of semantic annotation and propagation rules inside and accross documents of different kinds, and on that basis define semantic annotation and change impact analysis for heterogeneous collections of documents. The key idea is to represent a single graph all related structured documents together with the explicit representation of that part of the intensional semantics contained in these documents necessary to analyze the impact of changes as well as annotations to the structured documents indicating semantic information on the document, such as, for instance, impacts of changes. The whole framework is based on document models defining the syntax, semantics and annotation languages for specific document kinds as well as graph transformation systems used to compute the semantic structures and propagate the effect of changes for documents of this kind. For the interaction between documents of different kinds it builds on interaction models specifying graph transformations propagating semantic information over document boundaries.

GMoC is developed at the DFKI Research Department Safe and Secure Cognitive Cognitive and builds on top of the state of the art graph rewriting system GrGen?, where document models and interaction models can be specified in the declarative syntax of the graph rewriting system and are used to semantically annotate collections of documents as well as analyse the impact of changes for arbitary changes in one or more documents of the collection.

Contact and bug reports: ‚ÄčSerge Autexier

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